Hansard is the record of the Parliamentary debates, speeches and questions asked in the Parliament of Vanuatu.


    • Make notes (Manually) on discussions in the Chamber during the Parliament Sittings (Bislama, English, French)
    • Edit and compile the minutes
    • Minutes and approved in Parliament during last Ordinary Sessions of Parliament year.
    • Parliament Minutes are Documents called Summarized Proceedings which then becomes the legal Records of Proceedings (If required in court)
    • Same services can also be provided to the Parliamentary Committees by Hansard.
    • Minutes books compiled and edited by the Hansard Officers are sold to other Parliaments around the world
    • Books are also used by court as evidence or judgment of Parliamentary Case.

    Live broadcast

    Live audio and video broadcasts of Parliamentary proceedings are available by clicking on the Live Stream located in the top main menu on the Parliament’s web page. The video broadcast can only view using certain browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and others. But it can't be view via Internet Explorer.

    Please note that this service is only available when the Parliament is in session.

    Click here during Parliament sittings to watch debate live in the Chamber.

    Broadcast on Demand

    Broadcast on Demand is available through accessing the electronic Record of Proceedings.

    Broadcast on demand allow users to be able to watch a video replay of the previous proceedings of Parliament.

    The on-demand broadcast become available at the times the Record of Proceedings is published on the internet throughout a sitting day.

    To view previous online Broadcast on Demand, please click here.

    Earlier hard copies of Hansard Reports are available in the Parliament Library.