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Members of the 12th Legislation

List of members of twelve legislature

Here are the list of the 52 members of Parliament of the 12th legislature with each member's biography

Ministers of the 12th legislature of the 12th Parliament from 2020 to 2024
Name Position/Portfolio Party Constituency
Hon. Gracia Shadrack Speaker of Parliament VLP Malekula
Hon. Bob Loughman Prime Minister  VP Tanna
Hon. Alatoi Ismael Kalsakau Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Internal Affairs
UMP Por Vila
Hon. Marc Ati Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade  IG Luganville
Hon.Willie Satearoro Pakoa Minister of Youth and Sport  GC  Shepherds Outer Islands
Hon. Johnny Koanapo Rasou Minister of Finance VP Tanna
Hon. Jay Ngwele Minister of Infrastructure and 
Public Utilities 
RDP Ambae
Hon. Lenkon Tao Bruno Minister of Planning and
climate change Adaptation 
NUP Ambrym
Hon. Seoule Simeon Minister of Education  RMC Epi
Hon. James Bule Minister of Toursm, Commerce,
Trades and Ni Vanuatu Business
PUDP Ambae
Hon. Esmon Saimon Minister of Justice and Social Welfare VP Malekula
Hon. Silas Bule Melve Minister of Health  NUP Pentecost
Hon. Jack Norris Kalmet Minister of Lands, Geology and Natural Resources RMC Efate Rural
Hon. Willie Daniel Kalo Minister of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries 
UMP Tongoa


Members of the 12th legislature of the 12th Parliament from 2016 to 2020
Name Position/Portfolio Party Constituency
Hon. Claude Christophe Antonie Emelee Member of Parliament VNDP Torres
Hon. Danny Silas Member of Parliament GJP Banks
Hon. Sakaes Lulu Member of Parliament PPP Santo Rural
Hon. Rick Tchamako Mahe Member of Parliament RMC Santo Rural
Hon. Alfred Maoh Member of Parliament GJP Santo Rural
Hon. Gaetan Pikinoune Member of Parliament VLLP Santo Rural
Hon. Leonard Joshua Pikioune Member of Parliament NAG Santo Rural
Hon. Samson Samsen First Deputy Speaker VSRM Santo Rural
Hon. Fabiano Nano Stevens Opposition Whip VEMARANA Santo Rural
Hon.Matai Seremiah Nawalu Member of Parliament LPV Luganville
Hon. Wesly Rasu Member of Parliament VP Malo/Aore
Hon. Ephraim Boe Reve Member of Parliament GJP Pentecost
Hon. Marc Muelsul Member of Parliament RDP Pentecost
Hon. Charlot Salwai Deputy Leader of Opposition RMC Pentecost
Hon. John Still Tari Qetu Member of Parliament NUP Maewo
Hon. Ian Toakalana Wilson Member of Parliament NCM Ambae
Hon. Sanick Asang Third Deputy Speaker NUP Malekula
Hon. Marcellino Barthelemy Member of Parliament RMC Malekula
Hon. François Batick Member of Parliament  RMC Malekula
Hon. Sala John Member of Parliament GJP Malekula
Hon. Edmund Julun Member of Parliament GJP Malekula
Hon. Job Sam Andy Member of Parliament VLP Paama
Hon. Dahmasing John Salong Member of Parliament GJP Ambrym
Hon. Joy Roy Nil Member of Parliament VPDP Epi
Hon. Anatole Hymak Member of Parliament VFP Efate Rural
Hon. Bakoa Kaltonga Member of Parliament LPV Efate Rural
Hon. John Mark Reuben Representative of Vanuatu to ACP-EU  VP Efate Rural
Hon. Gillion William Member of Parliament GJP  Efate Rural
Hon. Anthony Iaris Harry Member of Parliament UMP Port Vila
Hon. Kenneth Natapei Government Whip  VP Port Vila
Hon. Ralph Regenvanu Leader of Opposition GJP Port Vila 
Hon.Urich Sumptoh Member of  Parliament RMC Port Vila
Hon. Xavier Emanuel Harry Member of Parliament IG Tanna
Hon. Robin Kapapa Leader of Government Business UMP Tanna
Hon. Jotham Napat Member of Parliament VLP Tanna
Hon. Nakou Ianatom Natuman Fourth Deputy Speaker UMP Tanna
Hon. Andrew Solomon Napuat Member of Parliament GJP Tanna
Hon. Edward Nalyal Molou Second Deputy Speaker VP Tafea outer Islands

 Political Groupings
Vanua'aku Paty (VP)
People's Progress Party (PPP)
Union of Moderate Parties (UMP)
National Unity Party (NUP)
Land and Justice Party (GJP)
 Rural Development Party (RDP)
Reunification Movement for Change (RMC)
Vanuatu Green Confederation (VGC)
Nagriamel (NAG)
Nqwasoanda Custom Movement (NGM)
Peoples Unity Development Party (PUDP)
Vanuatu National Development Party (VNDP)
Vanuatu Progressive Development Party (VPDP)
Vanuatu First Party (VFP)
Vanuatu Cultural Self Reliance Movement (VSRM)
Vanuatu Leaders Party (VLP)
Vanuatu Liberal Party (VLP)
Iauko Group (IG)