Members of 1st Legislature

    Ministers of the 1st legislature of the 1st Parliament from 1980 to 1983.

    Hon. Father Walter H.Lini Prime Minister
    and Minister of Justice
    Hon. Fred Kalomuana Timakata First Deputy Prime Minister
    and Minister of Home Affairs
    Hon. Donald Kalpokas Minister of Education
    Hon. Willie Korisa Minister of Health
    Hon. John Naupa Ministry of Public Works
    Hon. Thomas Reuben Seru Ministry of Primary Industry
    Hon. Kalpokor Kalsakau Ministry of Finance
    Hon. Sethy reganvanu Ministry of Lands
    Hon. George Worek Minister of Agriculture

    Members of the 1st legislature of the 1st Parliament from 1980 to 1983

    Hon. D.Poilapa Member for Efate
    Hon. N.Roselyn Member for Banks/Torres
    Hon. G.Worek Member for Banks/Torres
    Hon. S.Bule Member for Pentecost
    Hon. K.Vocor Member for Luganville
    Hon. Amos Andeng Member for Ambrym
    Hon. W.Nalan Member for Aore/Santo
    Hon. A.Obed Member for Malekula
    Hon. A.Nanua Member for Efate
    Hon. J.Vira Member for Aoba/Maewo
    Hon. T.Tungu Member for Aoba/Maewo
    Hon. A.Maliu Member for Santo
    Hon. G.Leymand Member for Malekula
    Hon. A.Karearu Member for Malo/Aore/Santo
    Hon. A.Ruben Member for Malo/Aore/Santo
    Hon. J. Taritonga Member for Epi
    Hon. A. Malere Member for Malekula
    Hon. J.Hopa Member for Ambrym