Members of the 8th Legislature

    Here are the list of the 52 members of Parliament of the 8th legislature with each member's biography from 2004 to 2008

    Hon. Andikar Philip Government IND Santo
    Hon. Avock Sam Dan Speaker of
    VP Paama
    Hon. Philip Boedoro Government VP Maewo
    Hon. James Bule Government NUP Ambae
    Hon. Calep Isaac Opposition IND Malekula
    Hon. Carcasses K. Moanal Leader of Opposition GRIN Port Vila
    Hon. Maxime Carlot Korman Minister of Lands VRP Port Vila
    Hon. Donald Isabelle Government VP Epi
    Hon. Browny Donna Minister of Agriculture VRP Malekula
    Hon. Louis Etap Government IND Tanna
    Hon. Dunstan Hilton Opposition
    (Suspended from Parliament)
    PPP Banks/Torres
    Hon. Iavuth Sandie Government NUP Santo
    Hon. Isaac Judah Minister of Ni-Vanuatu Business NCA Tanna
    Hon. Jack Eric Government NUP Epi
    Hon. Tapangararua J. Willie Minister of Finance NUP Port Vila
    Hon. Moses Kahu Government VP Tanna
    Hon. Toara Daniel Opposition GRIN Shepherd Outer
    Hon. Kalsakau T. Joshua Minister of Justice,
    Women & Welfare
    LABOUR Efate
    Hon. Steven Kalsakau Opposition UMP Efate
    Hon. Meltek Sato Kilman Livtunvanu Opposition PPP Malekula
    Hon. Laliuruo Eric Shedrac Leader of Government
    NUP Banks/Torres
    Hon. Ham Lini Hon. Prime Minister NUP Pentecost
    Hon. Bob Loughman Government VP Tanna
    Hon. John Lum Government IND Santo
    Hon. Malon Hospmander Opposition
    (Suspended from Parliament)
    PPP Malekula
    Hon. Jossie Masmas Government VRP Ambrym
    Hon. Moli Josias Government UMP Malo/Aore
    Hon. Sela Molisa Government VP Santo
    Hon. Joe Natuman Minister of Internal Affairs VP Tanna
    Hon. Natapei Edward Nipake Minister of Public Utilities VP Port Vila
    Hon. Nentu Thomas Opposition NEVSEM Tafea Outer Islands
    Hon. Marcellino Pipite Government VRP Santo Rural
    Hon. Prasad Arnold Government GRIN Santo
    Hon. Rokrok Charlie Government NUP Malekula
    Hon. Sampo Roro Minister of Youth, Sports
    and Development
    NUP Efate
    Hon. Esmon Saimon Government
    Second Deputy Speaker
    MPP Malekula
    Hon. Charlot Salwai Opposition UMP Port Vila
    Hon. Song Keasipai Opposition UMP Tanna
    Hon. Barak Sope Mautamate Deputy Leader of Opposition MPP Efate Rural
    Hon. Iatika Morking Stephen Minister of Health NUP Tanna
    Hon. Taga Henri Tarikarea Opposition UMP Port Vila
    Hon. Tamata Noel Opposition
    (Suspended from Parliament)
    PPP Pentecost
    Hon. Taso Leinavao Minister of Education VP Epi
    Hon. Paul Telukluk Government
    First Deputy Speaker
    NAMANGIAOTE Malekula
    Hon. Tom Seule Government NUP Tongoa
    Hon. Tore Pierre Opposition GRIN Port Vila
    Hon. David Tosul Government NUP Pentecost
    Hon. Vohor Serge Rialuth Opposition UMP Santo
    Hon. Vusilai Dickinson Government VP Ambae
    Hon. Peter Vuta Government Whip VP Ambae
    Hon. George Andre Wells Minister of Foreign Affairs NUP Luganville
    Hon. Raphael Worwor Opposition UMP Ambrym

    Political Groupings
    National Unity Party (NUP)
    Union of Moderate Parties (UMP)
    Vanua'aku Pati (VP)
    Vanuatu Republican Party (VRP)
    People's Progress Party (PPP)
    Melanesian Progressive Party
    National Community Association (NCA)
    Peoples Action Party (PAP)
    Namangi Aute (NA)
    Labour Party