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Negotiations are underway for MPs to access Bills online

Posted on June 4, 2015

By Glenda Willie

Speaker of Parliament (Left) sign contract with GardenCode to develop RAD

The Parliament of Vanuatu has kicked start negotiations to see that in the near future, Members of Parliament will be able to access the Parliament Bills online from their laptops or smartphones. 

The end result of this development will be a plus to the Parliament of Vanuatu, as usually, whenever a Parliament Session convenes, the Speaker always adjourns the Parliament to allow more time for MPs to read and understand the Bills before they can be debated.

The realization of this project also will mean that the MPs will not have to provide lame excuses, such as not knowing what Bills will be discussed during the session.

Currently the distributions of bills are handled by the Parliamentary Secretariat and it's time consuming exercise. It has become a major concern for the Secretariat in terms of preparation towards the calling and sitting of Parliament Session.

The Parliament of Vanuatu requires a Legislative Management Information System which will become the central management of documentation of legislative activity.

The principal areas of concern are the provision, in a form conveniently readable to the Members of Parliament about the Parliamentary Bills, Acts and Orders.

The Legislative management Information System (LMIS) should provide better, faster and reliable management of the distribution of the bills and provide an online service whereby Members of Parliament can view and download copies of the Bills to their laptops of other mobile devices.

Prior to the commencement of development on the system, a comprehensive analysis on requirements needs to be developed.

This requirement analysis document (RAD) will provide a blueprint of the actual system; hence provide guideline for the development of the Legislative Management Information System for the Parliament of Vanuatu.

On Monday this week the Speaker of Parliament signed a contract with GardenCode, the company which will be developing the RAD.

The Business System Analyst, GardenCode will work closely with staff of Parliament of Vanuatu, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, State Law Office and other identified stakeholders, to review and develop the RAD.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post

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