Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Vanuatu, Hon. Marcellino Pipite visits the Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Fiji, Dr. Jiko Luveni

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Speaker. Hon. Dr. Jiko Luveni of Fiji (L) and Hon. Marcellino Pipite MP (R)

(The Parliament Chambers, Suva, Fiji) The Honorable Speaker of Parliament of Vanuatu Hon. Marcellino Pipite MP today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with his counterpart Speaker. Hon. Dr. Jiko Luveni of Fiji in a historic gesture to foster closer relations with the Fiji Parliament.

On introductions yesterday 6th of August, the Speaker of Parliament for Vanuatu congratulated Dr. Jiko Luveni on her appointment as the Speaker of parliament for the Republic of Fiji and further congratulated her for being a role model figure for women in the pacific region steering politics in this vital role.

The initiative taken by the Vanuatu speaker of parliament envisages a reciprocal regional engagement forum where speakers from within the region can discuss and share ideas and assist each other to develop their respective houses and improve the standard of services to their members.

The Speaker further proposed that regional parliaments should have a charter of all speakers’ to provide a foundation of cooperation to foster democracy and good governance and leadership within the region. The MOU between Vanuatu and Fiji is the beginning of what the speaker of Parliament for Vanuatu believes is a foundation of the partnership he envisages for the pacific region.

The Speaker of parliament for Vanuatu stated that the initial task for Vanuatu is to cater for the MP’s in his house and capacity as the speaker of Parliament where he strongly believes that developing the capacities and continually upgrading this capacities is essential to ensure good governance, transparency and democracy is upheld and administered at all times.

He further reiterated that by learning from each other all members of parliament can benefit from the challenges and developments learned from within the region. Parliamentary standing Committees must be able to function in its highest capacity and continue to learn from regional experiences. In addition all pacific democracies must ensure the separation of powers amongst the Executive branch, Legislative branch, and Judicial Branch work to support each other in upholding democracy in the region. Furthermore parliaments must ensure to uphold their integrity as law makers of their respective governments.

The Speaker believes that by creating an environment of mutual respect in learning and assisting each other pacific parliamentarians through the speaker’s office may uphold the integrity not only of their respective countries but the region as a whole.

Understanding as follows: 

All speakers to look after all MP’s (Government & Opposition); upgrade skills for all MP’s, Parliamentary Standing Committees in Parliament to work; small parliament within Parliament to work; in the Charter to have understanding in MP’s status all around the Pacific; what right, duty, privilege, MP’s have to understand the Law.


Globally, the PM’s have meetings…Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Trade have their own Charter. Therefore, Speaker of Fiji and Vanuatu have decided that they have a Charter in the Pacific.


Met with UNDP to straighten the project of Parliament in Vanuatu in connection with the work of the Speaker as well as review the Standing Order. UNDP was happy that the Speaker launched the Project again and has agreed to fund a Meeting before November, 2015 (Parliament Sitting).

Finally, end of August, all Speakers to meet in New York.