Vanuatu Parliamentary Library

    Mission Statement

    To provide timely and relevant information services, specially designed to assist Members of Parliament in performing their duties.

    Aims and Objectives

    • To collect and preserve information relevant to the Vanuatu Parliament
    • To collect and preserve resources and publications produced by Parliament
    • To provide Parliament with a research service
    • To provide Parliament with straightforward access to information in a range of formats
    • Provide Parliament with timely accurate and up to date information

    Library Resources

    • Resources in Vanuatu Parliamentary Library are not for loan. Members of the public may use the resources with in library or photocopy relevant sections.
    • Reference Materials including Government Gazettes, Reference Books and Maps
    • Vanuatu Book Collections
    • General book collection with a focus on politics, political science, and law
    • Vanuatu daily Newspapers and overseas journals
    • Journal articles relevant to Parliament
    • Hansard tapes and proceedings of Parliament
    • Vanuatu and New Zealand Legislation
    • Biography information on current Members of parliament
    • Parliamentary photographic collection

    Library Services

    • Photocopy. The library provides free photocopy for members only
    • Computer use. The library has six computers with access to the Vanuatu government network
    • Research available. The librarian may be available to assist with basic enqueries. This is dependent on request from members of Parliament
    • Hard copies of the Vanuatu constitution and Parliament Standing Orders


    Parliamentary Librarian

    Mrs Leiwia Moli

    Tel: 33060

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.