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Bills before Parliament

Bills are draft acts of Parliament which are introduced into the House for discussion. A law begins its life as a Bill. This is a proposal for a new Act of Parliament. However before a Bill can become an Act it must pass through several stages in the Parliament. As it passes through Parliament a Bill can be amended during the Committee stages.All actions taken by a government must always be lawful in terms of the Constitution. That means that no Bill can be in conflict with what is in the Constitution. The only exception to this is a Bill to amend the Constitution.

There are two main types of Bills in the Vanuatu Parliament. These are Government Bills and Private Bills. The Budget is simply a rather complicated form of Government Bill and it will be dealt with separately. Government Bills are by far the most common. They may arise from party policy, or because interest groups have asked for them or because the Administration has decided it needs them or they may be to make Vanuatu follow a new international agreement or United Nations resolution.

2021 Bills

These are the bills put before Parliament in 2021

First Extraordinary Session: 20th of April 2021
Bill No. Bill Tittle English version French version Status

Bill for the Public Health (Amendment) Act No. of 2021 

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Bill for the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act No. of 2021 

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Bill for the Satue Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act No. of 2021

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Bill for the Tax Administration Act (Amendment) Act No. of 2021 

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Bill for the Citizenship (Amendment) Act No. of 2021 

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Bill for the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) No. of 2021 

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