Committee on Institution

The key responsibilities of Committee on Institution are:

  1. To inquire and Consider any questions related to the National Government’s Institutions such as the State Office, the Parliament, the Judiciary, the public Service Commission, the Ombudsman Office, The Auditor-General office, the Public Prosecutor Office, the Electoral Commission, the Government’s Departments, the Decentralization Projects and local Authorities as provided in the Constitution with the view of assessing the performance of the said institution;

  2. To report to Parliament on the performance of the institutions of Government and their ability to fulfill their roles as required under the Constitution;

  3. To recommend and report to Parliament as to what corrective actions are to be undertaken to renew the institutions of Government through procedural changes or institutional reforms;

  4. To inquire any questions in connection with the institutions of Government which is referred to it by Parliament, and to report to Parliament upon the questions;

and include such other duties as assigned to the Committee by the Standing Orders approved by parliament.

11th Parliament Committee on Institutions

Members of Parliament   Position 
Hon. Jacob Mata  Chairman
Hon. Tomkor Netvunei Naling  Member
Hon. Ham Lini Vanuaroroa  Member
Hon. John Sala  Member
Hon. Hosea Nevu  Member
Hon. Ephraim Kalsakau  Member
Hon. Tom Nouam  Member

10th Parliament Committee on Institutions

Members of Parliament   Position 
Hon. Nato Taiwia  Chairman
Hon. Daniel Nalet  Member
Hon. Richard Namel  Member
Hon. Osea Nevu  Member
Hon. Meltek Sato Kilman   Member
Hon. Steven Kalsakau   Member

9th Parliament Committee on Institutions

Members of Parliament   Position 
Hon. David Areiasuv  Chairman
Hon. Louis Etap  Member
Hon. David Tosull  Member
Hon. Philip Charlie  Member
Hon. Tae Voiasusu  Member
Hon. Paul Barthelemy Telukluk  Member

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