The Role of Corporate Service Division

The Corporate Service Team is responsible for corporate strategy and planning under the direction of the Clerk Assistant Corporate services.

It is also charged with providing efficient, accurate and management of human and financial resources. The department under Corporate Service includes: Human Resources, Finance, Information technology (ICT), Groundsman, Cleaners.

Human Resources

The Parliament secretariat can can be no more effective than the personnel who administer it. An effective parliament is too much to expect without strong parliamentary secretarial support.

The work of the Parliament Human Resources is to:

  • Manage staffs.
  • Performance and training of staffs.

The ICT Department:

Parliament information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides IT services to MPs, Parliament Staff and political appointee from the office of the Speaker and office of the Leader of Opposition.

The functions of ICT includes:

    • System Administration.
      • Server Management.
      • Software application management.
      • Data storage management.
    • Network Administration
      • ICT Equipment Network Equipment Management.
    • Helpdesk support

Finance and Accounts Section

The functions of the Finance and Accounts is to provide lead financial guidance and support services to Members of Parliament, the Administration and relevant stake holders. It is also responsible for managing expenditure of Parliament.

Financial Functions:

  • Ensure Parliament resources are used efficiently, economically, and transparently.
  • Proper records of financial affairs are kept.
  • maintains effective, efficient and transparent system of financial management, risk management, internal control and internal audit.


  • Prepare Annual Budget.
  • Prepare Annual Report.
  • Budget implementation.
  • Budget Advice.

Parliamentary Groundsman

Main activities include:

  • Cleaning up of Parliamentary grounds, buildings and precedents.
  • Collect rubbish and debris along Parliamentary fence, buildings, pathways and driveways.
  • In charge of cutting grass, lawn mowing, empty bins, weed control and leaf wrecking.


Office Cleaners

The role of a Parliament Cleaner is to:

  • Clean all the offices of Parliament staff and MP's.
  • Cleaning and washing up of windows, tiles, carpets, walls and toilets.
  • Help for setting up venues for meetings, seminars and Parliamentary conferences and functions.




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