The Leader of Government Whip is appointed by the Prime Minister to help organize the executive to the Parliamentary business. It is also to ensure party discipline in a legislature, help manage legislative business and carry out a variety of other functions on behalf of the Leader of the Executive. The Leader of Government Whip is to ensure that sufficient number of government members are present in the Chamber to ensure passage of government legislation and measures and to prevent censure motions succeeding and to ensure presence of a parliamentary quorum.

The role of the Government Whip includes:

  • Monitoring MP's absences from Parliament and maintaining detailed vote analysis.
  • Count tally votes during sittings.
  • MP's entitlements to be absent during sittings.
  • Day to day running of the Chamber.
  • Play a vital role in voting. During each vote, Leader of Government Whips ensure that their fellow Government Members are present and seated on the correct side of the house while votes are counted.
  • Dealing with general enquiries from MP's and the general public.
  • Assisting the Government with selection of membership and attendance for Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees.
  • Making sure the maximum number if their party members vote, and vote the way the government MP's wants according to their platform.


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