1. A Member may present a motion to constitute an had hoc committee for the purpose of studying a bill or part thereof, or a specific matter indicated in a Motion which seeks to amend the Constitution, cross-portfolio bills, or which cannot be catered for by the Standing Committees of Parliament. Such a motion may be moved orally, without notice and must be seconded.

2. If the motion is agreed to, the Member then prepares a written motion which states the term of reference of the ad-hoc committee and the duration of time for which it will operate and moves the motion in accordance with the procedure provided for in Standing Order 43.

3. An ad-hoc committee shall consist of not more than seven (7) Members representing proportionally, as far as possible, the political parties represented in the Parliament. A majority of the Members of an Adhoc Committee including the chairperson shall constitute a quorum.

4. The Chairperson of the ad-hoc committee has the same powers and duties as the Speaker, but may participate in any debate and vote. In the case f a tied vote, the chairperson has a casting vote.

5. An Adhoc committee to which a matter has been referred, considers it in accordance with the term of reference indicated in the motion creating the ad-hoc committee and on the completion of its inquiry the chairperson shall report on it to Parliament.

6. An Adhoc committee may establish its own rules of procedure but must observe the Standing Orders of Parliament and any applicable Procedural guidelines for Parliamentary Committees adopted by the Parliament.

13th Legislature AdHoc Committee

# Members of Parliament  Position   
1 Hon. Job SAM ANDY  Chairman  
2 Hon. Camillo ATI  Vice-Chairman  
3 Hon. James Peter VARI  Member  
4 Hon. Xavier Harry EMANUEL  Member  
5 Hon. Jay NGWELE  Member  
6 Hon. Ulrich SUMPTOH  Member  
7 Hon. Samuel Andrew KALPOILEP  Member


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