The Leader of Government Business

The Leader of government business is an important figure in Parliament. They are in charge of government business in the House which is presented in the Parliament. The Leader of Government Business must be conscious of his responsibilities to the Government, the government own supporters, the government back benchers.

The Leader of Government Business is responsible for:

  • The affairs of the national executive in Parliament.
  • The programming of parliamentary business initiated by the national executive within the time allocated for the purpose.
  • Ensuring that cabinet members attend to their parliamentary responsibilities.
  • Performing any other functions provided for by the Standing Order rules or a resolution of the National Parliament of the Republic of Vanuatu.
  • Seconding bills moved by Ministers.
  • Chairing Committee meetings on all procedural motions regularly consulting with the leader  of official position.
  • In charge of the governments debating team notifying the house on when to adjourn anytime.


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