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The Legislature shall consist of a single chamber which shall be known as Parliament.

THEME "Parliament of the People, by the People and for the People" 
PREAMBLE:  WE, the people of Vanuatu, PROUD of our struggle for freedom, DETERMINED to safeguard the achievements of this struggle, CHERISHING our ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, MINDFUL at the same time of our common destiny, HEREBY proclaim the establishment of the united and free Republic of Vanuatu founded on traditional Melanesian values, faith in God, and Christian principles, AND for this purpose give ourselves this Constitution. 




The House and Procedures Division of Parliament is a division of the Parliamentary Secretariat which is responsible for the management of parliament's procedures, legal advises and the security of Parliament. The division is responsible for ensuring that the functioning of Parliament is governed by the laws, rules and practices that form the basis of the Speaker's authority when presiding over debates.

"Hansard is the traditional name of the transcripts of Parliamentary debates in Britain and many Commonwealth countries. it is named after THomas Curson Hansard (1776-1833), a London printer and publisher, who was the official printer to the Parliamentary at Westminster" Minutes of parliamentary proceedings used to be produced by the National Language Services.

The Corporate Service Team is responsible for corporate strategy and planning under the direction of the Clerk Assistant Corporate services. It is also charged with providing efficient, accurate and management of human and financial resources. The department under Corporate Service includes: Human Resources, Finance, Information technology (ICT), Groundsman, Cleaners.


 Parliament automatically resolves itself into the Committee of the Whole House under the chairmanship of the speaker when debating a private or government Bill. They are often referred to as the ‘workhorses’ of a parliament. It is at the committee stage that the text of parliamentary bills is revised and refined to ensure that it is correct and ready for debate by the full Parliament. 


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