The Honorable Simeon SEOULE, Speaker of the Parliament of Vanuatu welcomed the Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency Prof. Hugh Keku ARYEE to the Parliament of Vanuatu.

On February 16, 2024, H.E. Amb. Prof. Hugh Keku Aryee, Vanuatu's Trade Commissioner to Ghana was welcomed by the Honorable Simeon SEOULE to Parliament during his official visit to the Republic of Vanuatu. The Commissioner’s visit carried historical significance as it marked the first time that Vanuatu, particularly the Parliament of Vanuatu welcomed such an important delegation, from Africa.


The Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to Ghana is the only Vanuatu representative promoting the country in the African region.

Appointed early last year, the Trade Commissioner has done a remarkable job in raising Vanuatu's profile in the African region, which attracts investors and tourists from the region. The visit to Vanuatu will strengthen collaboration and explore opportunities between the Republic of Vanuatu and Ghana.

Hon. Simeon said: "You are an official representative of Vanuatu, responsible for promoting and facilitating trade and economic exchanges between Ghana, West Africa, and Vanuatu. Your scope of action for the benefit of our country is vast and offers immense possibilities, and it remains to be seen what we can gain from it".

The Speaker of the Vanuatu Parliament also expressed his willingness to establish inter-parliamentary relations between the Vanuatu Parliament and other African parliaments. Professor Aryee supports this initiative and assures the Speaker that he will contact the Ghanaian parliament to organize an official visit by the Speaker to that country and a tour of neighboring parliaments.

They are all convinced that the visit of the Vanuatu Trade Commissioner will bring innumerable benefits to Vanuatu in the times to come.


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